“Чуєш брате мій” – “Do you hear, my brother?”


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11.5”x 17” (printed area) original artist printed multi-block multi-colour linocut.

The song “Чуєш брате мій” aka “Журавлі” has origins during the time of Kosaks defending their Sich, Ukrainian soldiers going off to war, prisoners of war, and other Ukrainians forced to leave Ukraine. These individuals adopted this song almost as a prayer asking for help to keep them safe and for them to safely return back to the motherland. The lyrics speak of cranes flying across oceans to return from foreign land, but wearing out their wings and not always being able to… Such as immigrants that fled from war ( See below for both original Ukrainian and translated English lyrics).
Over the years I have been drawn back to this song time and again and would play it over and over while reminiscing about Dido as this song was sung at his funeral. Songs such as this one and “Ой у Лузі Червона Калина” that speak of war in Ukraine and Ukrainians fighting for their freedom have unfortunately become relevant once more. This print is in memory and honour of my Dido, and all others who fought and continue fight for Ukraine, fled or fleeing, and long to return safely home. This print depicts cranes flying back over the Karpathian mountains to Ukraine.

Limited edition of 180.

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